thrill-seeker/adrenaline junkie, who gets a break by taking her guitar and playing drugs; life is bittersweet.. as well as my sexy selffff

One final till med students look like they haven’t been out in years.. Probably because they haven’t been out in years.

Try to be creative n lose followers cuz of it **facccceeeeepalm



☨If God dropped acid, would He see people?☨

 Grunge ☁ Cocaine ✞ PUSSY$
Oh my bloody hell would you look at the moon
Drugs are a girls bestfriend
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1st bartender: When I asked for a special drink for my 21st I should have clarified that I didn’t want it to include anything that begins with roof and ends in E… Bitches

2nd bartender: I thank you for not completely falling for my “its my birthday give everyone in sight a drink because I’m (not) rich (and roofied)” attitude. You did provide more than enough drinks on my command but little did I know you never charged my card..

Good Lord, I’m not even 21 yet. Let us pray.